Fully dedicated training centres in the UK and Jordan

ICSFS has fully dedicated training centres in the UK and Jordan that serve customers.

We offer specialist training for technical staff as well as decision makers. Each course has been tailored by our own banking consultants, focusing on crucial lessons of implementing successful projects and solutions in banks and financial institutions.

Our courses are designed to be practical, example-led work that provides clients with the means to increase technical skills and develop management understanding of emerging IT technologies and its usage.

ICS BANKS helps banks to transform the operational procedures to meet current and future financial industry standards through applying best practices and by being in compliance with international standards; such as IASB, IFRS and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Our creation and transformation of ICS BANKS orbits a number of pillars such as:

  • Customer-Centricity (Know Your Customer – KYC)
  • Product-Parameterisation
  • Business-Oriented
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)